Vajra Nirvana Marga - Guru Swami G

Heart Pointings

Pointings from the Path

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Guru Swami G's guidance for both those with awakened kundalini and for those seeking enlightenment. Description of signs and symptoms of kundalini awakening and descriptive stories of those going through the process.


Original artwork by GuruSwamiG.



0-   Now just start with some sitting practices ---- eyes opened or closed is fine.... but eyes to remain in a fixed place (not darting here or there)  Just sit and allow things to settle a bit ... Slow down... Don't be hurried...  Get in Touch with what is here Now... When done correctly the Sounds will be felt --- will be pure...  Keep attention Relaxed in the Heart Center.... 

Allow the breath to come slowly ---- breath into the sounds... Relax --- Relax and Relax .....   It is good to hear some balance is coming in....  If you don't have the recommended books then get them and take time out to Savor them as well.... Read a section then just sit --- in quietude....   Have a cup of tea or coffee in Quietude....  If not doing so begin to bring in the Practice of Sacred Quietude aka Savoring the Moment of NOW... 

OM  Shanti 

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